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Welcome to the Majors Creek Community Web site. Please Leave any comments or questions and we will get back to you soon.


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Robyn Renouf

What a magical place is Majors Creek!I am a descendent of the Jury Family and the family home that they lived in still stands on the corner of Araluen and Larmer Street.I have been following the mining issues with fear and trepidation wondering what it all means for this beautiful town. The place where once a year throughout my childhood through to teenage years my family travelled to.The same friendly faces year in year out.Thanks for the memories that are kept alive by websites like this.

Paulette Renouf

Hi there, I am a descendent of the Jury Family along with my four sisters. We had many a good time at the old Jury house when we were young. My mothers name was Nita Lila Parker.

kevin abdynee jury

will be coming to your music in november dont bore me too much have'nt been there for 30 years

Ralph Cook

great to see a website about the happenings in Majors Creek, home of my forefathers.

I will post a blog on my visit to Messines to trace the footsteps of our relative Thomas John Cook who lost his life at Messines in 1916. I traced his last days and the position of his demise.He has no known grave and is listed on the Menin Gate. I believe that Messines Cemetary is his last resting place which I will clarify later.

Chris James

Just had a good look at the web site, hsven't had time in ages. The photograher has to be congratulated what wonderful images we have on the site.
It is great to catch up on all the info.
Thanks Gordon for all the time you put into this great communtiy link.

Teri Lauder

Hi, my gg grandparents William Laurie and Mary Elizabeth Shaughnessy were married in Braidwood in 1870, he was a miner and they lived at Majors Creek later they moved to Gympie Qld. Looking for any information apparently there was some trouble with the law involving Bill and his brother they were miners much obliged if anyone can help. Terri

Brad Hazelton

a gold mine in Majors Greek [GOOD go for it ]I live about 8kl from the mine site and we need jods around here? not Jackie French sitting on her fat bum making millions will the rest of use live on nothing/ so many peopel are for this mine and they live in Majors Greek not Moruya or QLD. P.S HOPE YOU PEOPEL DON,T GIVE UP Iam behind you and so many more. Brad Hazelton 862 Walles Gap road Major,s Greek ph 0422502061

Allan Wilton

Hi, I am looking for any family history or relatives to Charles and Hannah Wilton who lived at Majors Creek back in the 1860' to 1880's. They lived out on Izzards Lane. Do you know of anyone that may be related or have any old photos of the property or relatives. Thankyou Allan Wilton

Stephen Milgate

My Grand Mother was Amy Mary Keyte who was born in Majors Creek in 1888. Her father was born in Ballalabah in 1855 his name was John Henry Keyte. I am interested in any information on this family Regards Stephen Milgate

Angela Trehy

What a gorgeous lovely place that i will definately be visiting soon!!


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