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Welcome to the Majors Creek Community Web site. Please Leave any comments or questions and we will get back to you soon.


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Lorese Vera

Thanks for compiling the list of burials at MC cemetery. My great great great grandparents John and Mary Jackson are buried there in unmarked graves in the RC section. I have often thought how wonderful it would be to have an archeologist do a survey (underground mapping) and locate graves. I also wonder about the legalities of opening them for DNA recognition?
Lorese Vera Canberra

Melody Berden

I am planning a trip to your area as I am researching my 4 x Great Grandfather Major William Sandys Elrington.
If you have any suggestions regarding where to find more information about him and his family I would love to hear from you. I am very keen to learn more of his original property and it's location and what life was like in the district during the pioneer days of Majors Creek and Mt Elrington.
I have a little researched information on the Major and family I will happily share also. Mostly indirect information I must say, sourced from newspaper articles and a particularly interesting play published by a family member.
Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Thanking you.
Kind regards,
Melody Berden
Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Pamala Tancred

To Leanne Chant........... I'm afraid "Not Just Ordinary People" by Pam Oxley is out of print. She published it herself as a tribute to her ancestors, and there were only about 200 copies made. It was a wonderful book for anyone from that area. She ran out of copies several years ago. Pam is now in a nursing home. We corresponded for over 30 years, sharing information about our Keyte & Wiggins ancestors.
Pamala Tancred

Ray Mackenzie

VALE - My friend Mary PROTHERO
As a 9 year old kid I knew this wonderful person when her surname was still Ffench when she looked after my cousins Bev & Garry Lewis. Mary's father and my grandfather Albert (Bon) Flack were great mates and owners of  land out where Braidwood Station at Ballalaba is now.
Time saw Max come along, always smiling and my biggest memory is that he could play the harmonica (mouth organ) on his removable teeth!. Their children still exhibit his smile.
Mary will be so comfortable with Max now and her brothers she thought so much of.

Rob Green

Hi, I have been donig my Family Tree and I have come to a bit of a standstill and I was hoping that you might be able to help.My grandfather James Michael Green was born in Braidwood on 13/12/1868 and his father James Joseph Green was also born in Braidwood on 24/10/1841 and died in Majors Creek on 11/10/1916.His father was George Green and came from the UK. He died in 1893 in Braidwood also.I have no idea how or why they were in the area other than they might have been involved in mining. I am hoping you may be able shed some light on their involvement in your community.
Kind Regards
Rob Green

Tonia Keyte

Granddaughter of Bruce Keyte, Great-Granddaughter of Albert 'Jacky' Keyte. With many thanks to my grandmother Lila (Miosge) Keyte who contributed fairly extensively to 'Not Just Ordinary People' I now have a considerable amount of Nanna's research and resources that I have done my best to add to over the years whenever time permits. Happy to chat to anyone interested in any historical Keyte info or resources. I will add more as soon as time permits. Cheers Tonia

linda rohkamper

Think some forebears were associated with Major's Creek...namely Joseph Harris Royal, born in Berrima son of Henry Harris Royal from Weymouth UK, born in 1883..he married Emily Luisa Cook who was born in Marulan. Just wondering if there are any records or photos verifying any of this.
Kind Regards
Linda Rohkamper

Sandy Morris

Hi There,
Enjoyed looking over your site. I was wondering whether you had any information on Christopher Welsh and The Jeffers/Couch families as I am currently researching my family history and believe that Christopher Welsh ran a boarding house at Majors Creek before his death in 1868.
Sandra Morris

Leanne Chant

I am the great grand daughter of Roland Keyte and was wondering how I could purchase the book "not just ordinary people" written by  Pamela Oxley


Sandra Dash

I am related to the Crandell, Heazlett and Lewis families from Majors Creek. I went to Majors Creek many years ago and was amazed to see pictures of my relatives on the walls of the pub (dont know if the photos are still there). Would love to talk to anyone that may be related to the same families.


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