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Chris James

Curiosity got the better of me and I went to have a look at the newly renovated ladies Toilets at the rec ground this morning.

What transformation they look wonderful, Craig has done a terrific job.  Better than the Block!!!


Brian McDonald OAM

Dear David ,

We are presently trying to contact the various sites in regards to camping on the Majors Creek Recreation and have it rectified to save future embarrassment.  Information on these sites was never supplied by the trust. Thank you for giving us the names of the websites. All information in regards to our reserve can now be found on the Majors Creek Recreation Reserve website.




Dear Brian (OAM) and Chris - my wife and I were treated with hostility by a guy who drove up in a ute with his wife, marched over to us by the tennis courts and said the rec ground was off limits as they were having a political gathering at 6pm, and hitch our van back, and more or less to clear off and find somewhere else as none of that area was available and that children would be wanting to play where we were. I note the children's playground is about 400m away by the road. At 5pm we were absolutely the only ones. He described himself as president of the local association. There are many camping sites that describe the MC rec ground as pet friendly, and camping friendly, I suggest you google them and correct them. Cheers

Brian McDonald

I have been reading with interest the comments in regards to our village and take exception to the residents being called as hostile and unfriendly.  I have lived here all my life in the village being involved in many organizations including a trustee of our recreation reserve for over 50 years. During these years I have personally welcomed many individuals and groups to our reserve many of whom return annual for Christmas parties and a get together. We as a trust are working hard to maintain and improve the facilities on the reserve making it something  our village can be justly proud.  Information in regards to the reserve can be found on the reserves website

Brian McDonald  OAM

Chris James

Sorry to hear David did not enjoy his time at Majors Creek, we all love living here.

A few comments on your post David, the bbq area could not have been locked it is open, there are no walls on 2 sides. The room next to it is locked as it is used for storage. We all supply our own gas bottle when we want to bbq, People are welcome to use the bbq area anytime.

The lovely big shelter area is available anytime to anyone as well. Plenty of tables and seats to enjoy a quite drink as the sun goes down too.

Someone has posted information on those camping sites , I think, without even having been here. There has never been showers at the Rec BUT you can go to the Pub and for a small fee use their amenities.

Sorry you were here when the long awaited renovations had started on the toilet block. Boy are they going to be fancy!  We  have been waiting for years to get a chance at updating them.

So David, next time you are passing through try again, the newly renovated toilet block should be up and running by then. Bear in mind the labor  is all volunteer and things can go slowly. 

We welcome Clubs that come here and we can't be all that bad as several come year after year, even without a shower block!

We are proud of our  village as you no doubt would have been able to see in the well maintained Rec ground and the mowed street verges       ( again volunteer) we all love living here in small Community.

One thing I have to say, the Rec has been no dogs for as long as I have lived here, and the locals respect that. I do not like the idea of small children stepping in doggy doo, it really is hard to scrape off a protesting child without getting it all over the adult.



Timothy Yeghian-Ahern

Dear Majors Creek:

This is Tim here, emailing you from Chugiak, Alaska.  One of my best mates in the whole world actually lives in your town.  I just looked at some of the pictures.  Wow.  It is a truly beautiful town, but it looks like the surface of the Sun.   I would like to know when the annual big parties are in Majors Creek so that I can ship you fine people some beer.  


Chris James

I have just been to the Majors Creek Cemetery. I had been told sheep had been in there and there were artificial flowers all over the place.  I decided to see what I could do to tidy it up.  It was an utter mess!!! Most of the flowers were chewed beyond reuse.

The water barrel had been knocked over and a gravestone has suffered the same fate.I did my best trying to match the less damaged flowers to graves, in a lot of cases the jars or pots used to hold the flowers were also smashed., the flowers looked like confetti in same cases.

So if you had flowers on graves at Majors Creek you may need to replace them and bring along a container just in case.Apologies if your flowers are on the wrong grave, I put them back onto the graves they were closest to.



Thanks Gordon

I've contacted a few of the websites and F/book pages that list the MC rec grounds as free camping, and pet friendly and put them right, and that MC is not really a friendly place to stay o/night. I've also asked our club events committee to cancel a club run there next month when we intended to stay o'night as the atmosphere is a bit hostile to visitors. Cheers D


I do not think you need to go to that extent, I can assure you that your experience is not typical of visits to Majors Creek, and I know of a lot of happy Campers that have been here before you.  


Majors Creek NSW. Near Braidwood. Strike this one off your camping list. The rec ground is listed on many websites as free camping, pet friendly, caravans, large rigs, showers, toilets etc. 

It is none of these. 

We have a small pop top and 2 dogs and were setting up after a club meeting this afternoon (11/3/2015) at a local resident intending to have a meal and drinks at the local pub that evening and walk back to the van.

BBQ was locked. 

No showers.

There is only 1 female toilet and it was locked - "under renovation". 

There was only 1 male with a urinal (flush not working and floor flooded), and toilet (toilet flushed but floor floods 1/2 across).

We were setting up the pop top when a man and woman in a ute drove up said they were on the rec c'tee. and told us no dogs, no animals, no camping where we were as the area was booked for a political meeting, and there would be children around.  

This was final straw in any case so we hitched up again and left. 

Never to return again or recommend to friends. Never ever. And for ever we will spread the message that Majors Creek NSW is hostile to visotrs!

We are aware of the many web sites out there with incorrect information regarding the facilities here at Majors Creek, so we are creating an Official site with the correct information. It can been seen here:

It was unfortunate that the toilet block was undergoing maintenance at the time you were here, it was noted here :

It is also unfortunate that there was a meeting scheduled there tonight, It was listed on the Home page of this web site.


I am sorry your time here was not what you expected.




Carol collins

Hi, my grandfather was James Charles crandell  who was born in braidwood in 1902 and then lived in majors creek his father was edward  heazalitt crandell and he married Elizabeth Evans would anyone know were elizabeth is buried regards  carol.


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