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Welcome to the Majors Creek Community Web site. Please Leave any comments or questions and we will get back to you soon.


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John T. Harding

I enjoyed looking at this excellent website. I play with a Tasmanian Folk Group and came across this site and was reminded of my visits to Majors Creek in the 1950s. I have a photo of a visit to Jean and Wesley Hay's grandparents' cottage, playing my accordion which brought back some happy memories and wondered where they are today?

Kind regards, John.

Lorese Vera

Hello all

My great great grandmother Sarah Jackson disappeared from Majors Creek in about 1884, 2 years after giving birth to her illegitimate daughter Mary Jackson. Mary Jackson later married Henry Carriage at the Anglican Church in Braidwood. On her marriage certificate is written the note "mother Sarah Jackson presumed dead, has not been heard of for 19 years". Details for Mary's father is 'John Macdonald' although no father is recorded on Mary's birth certificate. Someone obviously told Mary about her father and it was a family scandal covered up by a fictional story. My grandmother died 2 years ago at the age of 96 still wondering what happened to her grandmother. It would be wonderful if someone is keeping this family secret. Please ask questions of the oldest folks you know in the area. I am related to current day Jacksons who still live on the same property Sarah and Mary were born and grew up on. It would also be wonderful if a current day Macdonald male would supply some DNA for a test to compare with mine to see if I am related to the family through 'John'. Cheers, Lorese Vera Canberra. 0421599112

Milton Black

I have now found some of the holes in our family tree. My great grandfather William was the brother of David Heazlett owner of the original Elrington Hotel when he left the army after transporting convicts to Australia from the UK. I will also make plans to visit the grave yard at Major Creek to check out all the deceased relatives.

Annette Read

Best wishes for another successful ANZAC Day, I'm sure Rudi and Brian will have done a fabulous job.

 You are a great community and I am honored to have a connection to you through my family (Wiggins)


Paul Nicholson Heazlett

This is an interesting site for me as I am researching my family history with Majors Creek, an area that I knew by name only and not for the information that I am now researching.

Glenn hawkins

My father told me a story about his father Christopher George Hawkins clearing land here to grow tobacco.  Does anyone know about tobacco farms in the area or remember the Hawkins name from the area.


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