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Welcome to the Majors Creek Community Website

October 2009
Welcome to the Majors Creek Community Website

The idea behind this is to provide a common place for all things related to the Majors Creek Community and to help everyone know whats going on in our community.

This is still in development and probably will be for some time, but it is hoped that with the input from all the community, it will serve a purpose.

The site is designed to be updated by anyone that wants to and hopefully will be fairly easy to maintain. I (Gordon Waters) am the site administrator but will rely on others to either provide the information or to update as needed.

There are 2 core ways to place information on here.

  • The Calendar - See Whats on
  • Email [email protected] - Once you have signed in
  • The calendar can be updated by only those that I allow (once I know who would like to) and email can be sent from anyone, or just email/talk/call me and I will be happy to add the information.

    You do not need to create an account to look at the site, however by doing so will enable you to do more on the site.

    So for now have a look and feel free to provide any feedback.

    Things still to do

  • Create an Image gallery of photos from yesteryear
  • Allow you to upload pictures
  • Create a mailing list to enable news and events to be emailed out.
  • Gordon.

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