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Response to Not quite the whole truth

Andrew McIlwain • 10 days ago

I note Ms Rault’s letter and wish to clarify a few points. I welcome open dialogue and the opportunity to ensure that people can make an informed assessment.

The Dargues Gold Mine is already an approved project – to recover gold from the mine, including the construction of the tailings storage facility (TSF). The area is peppered with old gold diggings and any visitor can see the remnants from historic diggings. Gold recovery this time will be achieved through gravity, chemical flotation and smelting steps. All to be conducted on site - as per the existing approvals.

The TSF is designed, and its construction will be monitored, by Knight Piésold. Objectively, the people at Knight Piésold are leaders in their field, with literally hundreds of storage facilities successfully and safely operating. This proposal has passed assessment - including the necessary geotechnical investigation of the foundations - by the NSW Dams Safety Committee which also sets a very high standard. Unity has a track record of successfully constructing and operating similar TSF’s at our Bendigo and Henty Mines.

So, the Dargues Gold Mine will be built, operated and regulated to the highest standards. The main request within the amended proposal is for the treatment of cyanide on site, and again, objectively, this can and will be conducted safely and

environmental scientist  to Andrew McIlwain • 9 days ago

Could you please explain the public good in this project besides the meagre number of jobs? You seem to be very confident that the cyanide aspect will be approved. Is this the usual 'big' business method of public consultation: telling the community what they are getting. 
From the comments I've read, community members seem to very informed and are making the appropriate assessment that this mine should just bugger off. Cyanide is deadly and accidents DO occur. Perhaps you should purchase a beautiful parcel of land on a pristine river and invite the gold miners in to ruin your lifestyle and health?

Half truths are in effect lies • 11 days ago

Well said. I agree 100%
There are simply no guarantees of any kind that the Unity gold mine can give to the community.
Mr Mcillwain, the CEO of Unity Mining is paid to advocate that this gold mine is 'as "safe" as can be'. 
Not what one can call an unbiased and bi-partisan objective view.
With NO considerations for anything else except for golden profits this mine goes against all common sense, 
and I suspect that this council would prefer to support and allow cyanide poising err processing to occur.....!

Pathetic  Half truths are in effect lies • 9 days ago

There are only two guarantees in life - taxes and death.
It would seem that the current risk averse attitude by many in today's society is testimony to their poor achievements in life and they don't want anyone or anything to succeed. This is bias as well.

bugger off gold mine  Pathetic • 9 days ago

Life is about health and well being and should not be wasted on working for a minimum wage so that big business can make huge profits. Who cares if a gold mine succeeds?


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