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May - Latest Letter from MCCLC to Cortona

Below we have reproduced the main points sent to Cortona Resources as a result of the last community meeting.

CortonaÔÇÖs previous written response of 4th April 2010 was shared with the community at the well-attended community meeting held on 19th April 2010 and is available elsewhere on this website. You may like to reread the Cortona response to place the questions below ÔÇ£in contextÔÇØ.
The series of questions are placed under the relevant sections of CortonaÔÇÖs letter. They are written to Cortona and reproduced here in the spirit of CortonaÔÇÖs stated commitment to open and honest dialogue and its focus ÔÇ£on designing a mine that is not only economically viable, and meets the requirements of Government, but also has a positive impact on the Majors Creek community, the wider region and the environment.ÔÇØ

The committee realises that some of these questions need to be asked of government agencies and that some of the questions were explored at the Community meeting with the Environmental Defenders Office last month. As discussed with Cortona, the committee is asking that the company gives their ÔÇ£responseÔÇØ or ÔÇ£attitudeÔÇØ to the idea of these questions even if they canÔÇÖt actually answer it in detail.

The Community Liaison Committee is interested in getting CortonaÔÇÖs ÔÇ£angleÔÇØ to these questions.

Once the Cortona response is received we shall circulate it and call a community meeting to determine the next steps.
Yours sincerely,

Bill Waterhouse
Chair, MCLCC

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