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Call to suspend mining in NSW

The NSW FarmersÔǃ Association is calling for a moratorium on any new mining or coal seam gas development across the State.
NSW FarmersÔǃ Association Mining Taskforce Chair Fiona Simson says the Executive Council has voted unanimously in support of a suspension at a meeting in Sydney.
ÔÇ£The coal seam gas industry in NSW is expanding rapidly,ÔÇØ Mrs Simson said.
ÔÇ£Mineral and petroleum titles and applications now cover around 70 percent of the State,ÔÇØ Mrs Simson said.
The Association is calling on the NSW Government and Opposition to develop a strategic plan for the coal, and coal seam gas industries, and support a moratorium until a plan is implemented.
ÔÇ£These industries are being allowed to flourish without proper concern for the threat they pose to farmland and water resources,ÔÇØ Mrs Simson said.
ÔÇ£WeÔǃre not opposed to mining and coal seam gas development, but want see a balanced approach taken when decisions are made about where development can take place.
ÔÇ£A strategic plan should consider a transparent approval process, independent monitoring of mining and gas industries, and aquifer protection.
ÔÇ£The plan should also impose strict parameters on ÔÇ×sleeperÔǃ licences, which threaten to see mining activities revived after many decades.
ÔÇ£ItÔǃs also important any landholders affected by these industries have access to just terms compensation,ÔÇØ Mrs Simson said.
The moratorium the Association is in favour of would apply to new mineral and gas applications, renewals, or extensions.
Contact: Olivia Suzanski (Media Officer) 0429 990 218

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