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25/10 - Cowboys go wild in Penrith (Tim Amey)

Cowboys go wild in Penrith

* From: The Daily Telegraph
* October 25, 2009 7:18PM

AUSTRALIA'S craziest cowboys rode into town at the weekend but it was the local boys who proved themselves the best when bull-riding hit Penrith on Saturday night.

Riders from NSW dominated as the Professional Bull-Riders Series staged a rare event in Sydney, with a crowd of close to 4,000 packing out the Penrith Paceway.

Troy Wilkinson, from Upper Horton, was the winner with a combined score on the bull Johnny Horn of 175.5, while Ebor's Tom Henry (on Hellboy) and Tim Amey from Majors Creek (on Isaac Special) tied for second.

As our dramatic photos show, there was no shortage of winners, losers and dramatic escapes on the night. The brave rodeo clowns - otherwise known as protection athletes - were on hand to help out any cowboy who found himself on the wrong end of an angry bull.

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