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22/07 - First round of deciduous trees along the roadside

On Sunday the 22nd of July an enthusiastic crew gathered to plant the first round of deciduous trees along the roadside. When all the trees are planted they will form an avenue from the bridge to the existing native tree plantings.

There is a mix of Canadian Red Maple, Poplars, Elms, Liquid Ambers, Pyrus, Chinese Pistachio, Desert Ash, Walnuts and hopefully some Chestnuts if we can obtain some.

The nut trees were included in the planting for fun in the future, residents can collect the fresh nuts in season!

As more trees arrive from the nursery we will hold another planting day.  There will eventually be nearly 80 trees in the avenue.

We were careful in the planning to make sure there will not be any reduction of visibility for drivers and that the trees are far enough from the roadway to never be considered a threat to safety.  A lot of the trees are planted up on the bank to the east of the road so they are well out of the way.

A big big THANKS goes to Ken Harrison of Araluen who insisted on donating the mulch for the project and to Brian James who’s little red tractor dug the holes and saved us a lot of work.

Supplied by Chris James

Photo By Gordon Waters

The band of workers planting the first round of deciduous trees - Photo - Gordon Waters


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