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21/03 - Not quite the whole truth

MR McIllwain, the CEO of Unity Mining, seeks to reassure us that everything is hunky-dory with cyanide processing and a “prescribed dam” in the shire’s water catchment.

He even points out that the company that designed and engineered the tailings dam at Dargues Reef gold mine, Majors Creek (with a current height of 25 metres and a footprint of about 10 metres and that is before its proposed modification to mine 33 per cent more ore), is the same company that did the tailings dam that collapsed catastrophically at Mt Polley in British Columbia, last August.

He explains all that away very conveniently but fails to point out that the tailings dam was built on unstable glacial till and that some experts consider that was a contributing factor.

It leaves me wondering what factors it may have failed to take into account at Majors Creek.

For the sake of future generations, we need to stand up and speak up about this inappropriate development in the catchment.

Call or email Eurobodalla Shire Council and ask what it is planning in response to the proposed processing of ore using cyanide in the shire’s catchment.

Anne Rault

Deua River Valley

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