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1934 - Flooding in Hawthorn Paddock - Crandells

mahors Creek - Flooding hawthorn paddock - 1934
Copyright & Supplied: J.Crandell

In the attached pages from the Braidwood Dispatch from 1933 there is an section headed: 


An application for Mining Purpose Lease of private land was made by I., C, and U. A, Crandell for a dam and race known as 'Berlang.' An objection to the granting of lease ol dam was lodged bv J. O'Heir. for whom Mr. J. L. Garvey appeared. Richard A. Crandell, miner, residing at Major's Creek, deposed: The dam and water race applied for, to be used for mining purposes, was partly on private lands. In connection with the application he said there were four owners affected, viz., Messrs. Jiis. Flack, William Stuart, John Stuart, and J. O'Heir. Satis factory arrangements had been made with all these owners, other il)a.n O'Heir. as to rent and compensation. There were no buildings or improvements on the area, and the dum was not used by O'Heir. The land was very poor pastoral land,, and 2/ per acre would be ample compensation. O'Heir's objection was that the gran ting of the application would cut him off from water. Owners below O'Heir, however, were not objecting; (hey had plenty of water. As far as the dam was concerned, there would shortly be no dam there at all. it had been neglected, aud a great part of it had broken away. (See attached for the full article)

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