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17/12 - Concentrate processing at Dargues

By David Lever
Dec. 17, 2014, midnight

As a member of the Dargues Reef Community Consultative Committee and one of the community representatives shown around the Henty mine by Unity Mining on Wednesday, I came away reasonably assured that processing of the concentrate on site at Dargues would not pose any greater risk to surrounding communities than trucking it elsewhere. 

We will have to wait on the Environmental Assessment for the fine print of the proposal and its environmental implications. However, the proposal has a number of positives: the impressive safety record of Unity at Henty; the proposed additional measures to protect against accidental release of cyanide on delivery of the pellets; the significantly higher design standards already applying to the TSF at Dargues, compared with Henty; and the improved road safety and reduced carbon footprint associated with over 2,000 fewer loaded trucks per year passing through Braidwood to Parkes or wherever. 

I would like to congratulate Unity for its openness in relation to the Henty operation, and for giving community and media representatives a chance to assess the possible implications of cyanide processing on site at Dargues.

David Lever

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