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16/04 - Women in Farming Day

Petrea King, founder of Quest for Life addresses the forum.  

Forty five women men and children attended the Women in Farming event in Majors Creek last Saturday, 13 April. The weather was gorgeous, the food was excellent and the music was soulful. 

All who attended were full of enthusiasm, with the desire to learn, interact, inspire and explore.  Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, stepmothers, husbands, brothers and friends all came along and quickly felt at home together in the intimate space of the hall.

Some travelled for hours to be a part of the event.  Others braved injury, illness and shyness to attend.  Virtually everyone present made the decision to step away from their daily responsibilities, and take time out to re-energise.  As presenter Ann Burbrook said, they “practiced self care” which, as we now know is not in the least bit selfish!

Petrea King challenged us to consider for a moment what our first, instead of our second natures might actually be.  Reverend Jennie Roberts gave us a very practical view of spirituality and mental health specialist Jennie Keioskie emphasised the importance of community for wellbeing.  We shared tears, laughter and the stories of very special local women, who generously shared their stories, photographs and time to make the event even more special.

Thanks to Southern Rivers CMA, who funded the event, in conjunction with the Upper Shoalhaven Landcare Network.   Thanks also to Rural Adversity Mental Health Program, Vanilla Catering for the food, Jake and Ange for the music, and to all the presenters and guests who attended and made the event so wonderful.

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