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16/01 - Extract from Palerang Council Final Waste Strategy Report

4.8 Majors Creek Landfill
4.8.1 General
The landfill is located along Seymour Road within Majors Creek approximately 20 kilometres from Braidwood, as shown in Figure 1, and services a rural community of approximately 174 rateable properties. The site is surrounded by rural forested land to all sides. The landfill is open from 8.00am to 5.00pm Saturday and Sunday during both non-daylight saving and daylight saving periods. There are currently no gate charges for disposal of waste. The landfill is unmanned during the opening hours, with local residents opening and closing the gates on a voluntary basis.

Twenty two, 240L MGB are provided at the landfill for residents to place recyclable glass, plastic and cardboard. At the time of the site inspection these bins were mostly empty. Most of the bins were open, and therefore likely to collect rainwater during a storm event. These bins are collected by Council on a fortnightly basis (the bins are all emptied into one truck) and taken to Braidwood landfill, from where they are taken to Canberra for recycling.
4.8.2 Landfill Life
The household waste is currently being placed in a trench located on the eastern side of the site. This trench has approximately 1-year life remaining. Based on more detailed in situ site investigation, it may be viable to establish further trenches, however from our initial site visit it appears that the majority of the area has already been trenched. By overtopping the site approximately 2 metres above the existing capped level, it will be possible to obtain a further 8 to 15 years of landfill space from the landfill site, without clearing any major vegetation, and blending the final landform into the surrounding landscape.
4.8.3 Key Environmental and Engineering Issues

  • Leachate Management and monitoring: The landfill is overlying sandy type soils, which are unlikely to provide a suitable barrier to leachate flow. No monitoring of surface water or groundwater is currently carried out.


  • Waste kept uncovered for long periods (greater than 2 weeks) due to unavailability of cover material resulting in windblown litter, feral animals and increased leachate production.


  • Windblown litter into the surrounding forest land is a significant problem on the site.


  •  No signage on site identifying where to place particular wastes and recyclables leading to waste being mixed with recyclables

  • Based on the sign at the entrance to the landfill the following items are prohibited: Chemical drums, car bodies, bulk scrap metal and white goods. However, there was a large scrap metal pile on site at the time of the site visit which contained old white goods and chemical drums. Residents are meant to take these items to the Braidwood landfill.

Majors Creek Tip Closure Options


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