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15/01 - New Year’s Day Picnic

The 150th New Year’s Day Picnic celebrations were held on the Majors
Creek Recreation Ground over the New Year weekend. The picnic was
originally the idea of Mr Edmund Cleaver with the initial picnic being
held on his property Eldorado later moving to the police paddock and
then the recreation ground where it has been held continuously ever

Celebrations commenced with a New Year’s Eve gathering at the
local hall followed by the picnic and dance on New Year’s Day.
Descendants of pioneering families travelled great distances for a day
of children’s and adult events, barbecue, chocolate wheel, and raffles,
and a time to mingle and renew old acquaintances. At afternoon tea time
Brian McDonald welcome everyone to the picnic and too many welcome home.

Many stayed on for the dance at night when again it was the
opportunity to sit down and talk about years gone by. At the dance Brian
and Deirdre McDonald, Linda Harrison and Yvonne Day were presented with
Life Member of the Picnic bars in recognition of their contribution to
the picnic over many years.

All who attended voted a wonderful event in the life of the village, bringing back many memories.


Some former students of the Majors Creek School which closed in 1969 who attended in the 1940s and 50s.

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