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14/04 - Gold mine moves closer to reality

The company behind a proposed gold mine west of Moruya on the New South Wales far south coast says it is making progress in seeing the project become a reality.
Cortona Resources has announced an agreement with the mining group GBF, to work on the Dargues Reef Project in the Araluen Valley.

Cortona's Managing Director, Peter Van Der Borgh, has rejected claims an assessment of the environmental impact of the mine is inaccurate.

And he says the site is showing increasing potential.

"Our exploration is continuing," he said.

"We've made a couple of discoveries within the current mine proposal, within a couple of hundred metres, and we're currently drilling those further to investigate how far they extend."

Mr Van Der Borgh says he rejects claims an assessment of the environmental impacts is not accurate.

"No expert opinion is saying that," he said.

"It's been given the tick by all regulatory authorities, so I wouldn't see that as being the case at all.

"We've been through, at the state level at least, all the public consultation processes, and the project has moved through the Department of Planning."

Construction is expected to begin in the middle of the year, with the mine becoming fully operational in the following nine to 12 months.

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