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The November meeting of Palerang Council was moved to the National Theatre in anticipation of a large public gallery.

The agenda included the Council Submission to the Department of Planning on the Dargues Reef Mine and several questions from the gallery addressed the loss of Council staff positions in Braidwood.

Greg Sugden addressed the Council saying Our Councillors are so besotted with the general managerWell let me tell you, this love is not being shared outside the cosy, cloistered isolation of the Bungendore offices.What we see is Council rates skyrocketing and services being withdrawn.

Cheryl Raper asked ÔÇ£Why did the Mayor Councilor Raynolds, not attend the Public Meeting? Cr Raynolds you were elected to this Council, predominately by Braidwood citizens, to represent us, and our views.ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£The way to represent us, is to hear what we feel about serious matters like Palerang CouncilÔÇÖs considerations of leaching staff from Braidwood to Bungendore and possibly closing the Braidwood office.ÔÇØ

Mrs Raper addressed the issue of the failed contract for the Water Treatment Plant asked ÔÇ£ What is the actual cost to Council for the withdrawal of Aquagenics from the water project?... ÔÇ£the money wasted on this contract could surely have fixed the Braidwood Office.ÔÇØ

On the subject of the Dargues Reef Gold Project, Murray Harrex expressed concern over the operating hours of the mine. 24 hours is not acceptable, were not building a mine in the middle of the Nullabor desert but a built up area.We will all lose substantially  he said.  Ive put my house on the market, and am moving to town.

Peter van der Borgh from Cortona Resources clarified items addressed by previous speakers and said ÔÇ£Modern day mining is all about the environment, communities, quality, and we believe we have come up with a facility here that addresses all of these things, mitigating the impacts.ÔÇØ

The Council went in committee to discuss issues of water, amenity, noise and other possible impacts. The conditions in the Business Paper were Carried with a request for the hours of operation to be limited to 12 hours per day Monday to Friday, and six hours on Saturday, with Council adding ÔÇ£that council expresses its concern about the adverse implications if it goes ahead and asks that the State impose conditions that are as rigorous as necessary.ÔÇØ

Read the complete report here

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