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Cortona Resources would like to inform you of todayÔÇÖs ASX Announcement.


  • Settlement of $3.6M shortfall completes $10.3M Capital Raising
  • Fully funded for DFS, Planning Approvals and aggressive drilling programs
  • First two drilling rigs arriving at Dargues Reef next week
  • Considerable news flow anticipated
  • Cortona Resources is delighted to announce settlement of the shortfall from the CompanyÔÇÖs renounceable Rights Issue to subÔÇÉunderwriters and Clients of Patersons Securities Limited (PSL), underwriter to the Rights Issue. Settlement of the shortfall concludes CortonaÔÇÖs $10.3M capital raising,which included the Rights Issue and a placement to an international Fund Manager.

    The shortfall Shares and Options will be issued and allotted on January 11th as per the revised timetable.

    Managing Director Peter van der Borgh commented ÔÇ£this is a terrific outcome for Cortona. We now have sufficient funds to achieve all of our current objectives as set out in the Rights Issue prospectus. The Dargues Reef DFS and Planning Approvals process are underway, and aggressive drilling campaigns at Dargues Reef in NSW and North Monger in WA are about to commence.

    ÔÇ£IÔÇÖd like to take this opportunity to thank participating shareholders for their support in the Rights Issue, and to welcome all new shareholders to our share registryÔÇØ.

    ÔÇ£The plans we have in place have been months in the making, and we are confident that we
    have positioned the Company to create value for shareholders over the coming year as we
    move towards gold production at Dargues ReefÔÇØ he said.

    Yours Faithfully

    Peter van der Borgh
    Managing Director

    To read the full announcement, please click the following link;


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