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03/07 - Waste Management Survey Majors Creek


Surveyed Properties                        265    
Surveys Returned                           105  (41.0%)

Future service preference:

No Local Service                         27      (25.7%) 
Waste Transfer Station                   41      (39.0%)
Collection Service                       35      (33.3% )

Preferred collection frequency:

Weekly                                   17      (38.6)
Fortnightly                              27      (61.4%)

Comments                                 55      (52.4%)

Survey Comments

The 41% return rate on a survey population of 256 yields a result with a confidence level of 95% and an accuracy of ± 7%.
As a result, there is no clear preference within the community for one of the options presented.

Over half (52.4%) of the survey forms included comments, which cover a range of issues.
There is no notable trend in the nature of the comments.

Council has advised that there was no clear preference indicated by the community , therefore no decision has been made.  Council is  happy to receive any further comments and maybe another meeting.

This is an important issue for our community and if nothing is done we may have to take all our rubbish to Braidwood.
This would be a step backwards for our growing community.


We need to work together on this to retain some kind of rubbish service. Okay some of us do not want to pay a bit extra on our rates, but over the year how much is going to Braidwood dump going to cost?? Also don't forget that Braidwood is going to become a transfer station so we will be paying those fees as well as petrol.
We need to get together and decide what we want, my guess is transfer station is off the table, after all do you know anyone who would be willing to sell land to Council for transfer station, and have it next door?  Plus the expense, dear old Palerang hasn't a bean to spare so my guess it is a bin service or drive to Braidwood. Not something I want to do. The other option of course is finding discarded rubbish on roadsides and in drains, something that will happen without a decent solution.  Or there will be resurgence of the good old backyard incinerator, great for the environment!
Lets get together and all have proper crack at a survey run in the village, maybe then we can retain a rubbish service, for some of us it will mean carting bins to the gate, but we take them to the dump now don't we?
Chris James

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