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March 2015

Rec Ground Toilet Block Update

Work is progressing well on the toilet block update, thanks to our hard working Craig W.


25/03 - Sayonara cyanide, says Deua comic

COMEDY A-lister Akmal Saleh will join Canberra comedians and a Deua River performer in two gigs to raise awareness about potential environmental problems at the Unity Mine at Majors Creek.

Deua River resident and comedian Hamish Hudson will host Doin’ it for the Deua gigs at Moruya Golf Club on March 27 and the Araluen Hotel on March 28.

Mr Hudson organised the concerts after he found out that Unity Mining had applied to change its development consent in order to process gold with cyanide on site at Majors Creek.

21/03 - Not quite the whole truth

MR McIllwain, the CEO of Unity Mining, seeks to reassure us that everything is hunky-dory with cyanide processing and a “prescribed dam” in the shire’s water catchment.

He even points out that the company that designed and engineered the tailings dam at Dargues Reef gold mine, Majors Creek (with a current height of 25 metres and a footprint of about 10 metres and that is before its proposed modification to mine 33 per cent more ore), is the same company that did the tailings dam that collapsed catastrophically at Mt Polley in British Columbia, last August.

04/03 - Last-ditch effort from failing company?

AS a resident of Moruya I am very concerned about the proposal to allow cyanide processing at the Dargues Creek mine in the headwaters of the Deua River, our source of fresh drinking water.

Unity Mining was given the final go-ahead for the mine in February 2012 on the clear understanding there would be no cyanide processing on site.

It was this agreement that reassured residents about having the mine in such a sensitive environmental location.

Now, just three years later, Unity wants to include cyanide processing.

What will be next?

04/03 - Collapse claims untrue: Unity

THE Bay Post/Moruya Examiner put Coastwatchers’ concerns to Unity Mining managing director Andrew McIllwain this week.

He said it was “rubbish” that Unity Mining did not have adequate funding to cope with a catastrophe at the mine.

“We will not start the project if we don’t consider we’ve got the resources to complete and operate it appropriately,” he said.

“Unity has the resources and the capability to manage any risks and the community can have confidence in us building and operating the project.”

01/03 - Hundreds protest cyanide proposal

HUNDREDS gathered in Moruya on Sunday to protest Unity Mining’s proposed changes to its Majors Creek gold mine.

The company has applied for a variation to its development consent to allow final processing of gold with cyanide.

The protest began with a flotilla of kayakers, boaters and stand-up paddleboarders who made their way downstream the Moruya River from the Moruya District Hospital to the Moruya Boat Ramp, near Riverside Park.

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