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November 2014

27/11 - Dargues Gold Mine will bring riches to Majors Creek, says United Mining's CEO

The phrase "as good as gold" came into use in the 1820s when banknotes were first introduced and there was scepticism about their genuine value. Gold was considered to have inherent value, and it still does.

The gold at Dargues Gold Mine, Majors Creek, NSW holds intrinsic value to Unity Mining and its shareholders, certainly, but the $250 million project also represents  prosperity for the Majors Creek region.

21/11 - Radically increased threat to environment

As a frequent visitor to Palerang Shire and ratepayer in Eurobodalla Shire I was appalled to read the news that Unity Mining is now seeking approval for a processing plant involving the use of cyanide at its gold mine at Majors Creek. 

Approval was originally given for a mine where processing would be undertaken off site and 

where the contents of the on site tailings dam would have been inert. 

21/11 - Open letter to John Barilaro

Dear John Barilaro:

In February 2013, Unity Mining's Andrew McIlwain reassured a public meeting in the Majors Creek hall that there would be no cyanide used at the Dargues Reef mine operation.

Suddenly we learn that a variation of the licence conditions is being sought to do exactly that.

What's more it's expected to get a tick during the silly season and before the March election.

19/11 - LETTER: Protecting our environment (Yass tribune)

Dear Editor,

Beloved and fragile Major's Creek between Goulburn and the South Coast has endured the impacts of logging, mining, hard hooves and more. Yet it still nurtures wildlife, forest, fresh water and a picturesque village. Some call it Shangri-La, a secret paradise. Jackie French wrote all her wombat books there. All that is at risk.

The messy Dargues Reef Project went to great lengths to market minerals projects to the area.

19/11 - Opposition mounts to Cyanide use at Dargues

Since Unity Mining announced last week that it proposes to use Cyanide to process gold on site at the Dargues Gold Mine at Majors Creek, concern in the community has been mounting.

A Sodium Cyanide container left at Captains Flat Mine which closed in 1962. (Photo: Peter Marshall August 2014)

No Cyanide for Majors Creek

Published on Nov 16, 2014

Artplan Videographics

Andrew McIlwain from Unity Mining addresses a public meeting in Majors Creek on Feb 10 2013.

14/11 - Cyanide processing near Braidwood 'terrifying' for local shires

The potential use of cyanide at a goldmine east of Canberra by an operator fined for polluting river catchments on three occasions last year has been labelled "terrifying" by a local councillor, citing strong community opposition.  

14/11 - Outrage at Cyanide proposal for Majors Creek gold mine

The proposed Dargues Gold Mine near Braidwood has ignited another controversy over a new proposal to use cyanide on site to process the extracted ore.

The company's first development approval was reviewed by the Land and Environment Court and amended in 2002 following objections from the Eurobodalla Shire Council, The Coastwatchers Association and the South East Region Conservation Alliance.

Now the company, Unity Mining, an entity that merged with the initial developer, Cortona, is preparing to initiate its own further amendment.

14/11 - Dargues Gold Mine - Modification 3 Community Presentation

We would like to thank those who attended the community meeting in Majors Creek Hall on 11 November 2014. Your input was greatly appreciated and we look forward to continuing to engage with you and the broader community on this important modification to the Dargues Gold Project. As committed, a copy of the presentation from this meeting is now available on our website under the Modification 3 heading, which can be found here.

12/11 - Unity Mining proposes cyanide processing at Majors Creek

A goldminer fined for polluting water-catchment creeks three times last year wants to use cyanide at its new underground goldmine near Majors Creek, east of Canberra.

"The Dick Dastardly bit about cyanide comes from spy movies and hangover from the Second World War," says Unity Mining's managing director, Andrew McIlwain. "It's potentially toxic, but handled and managed in the right scenario, it is very safe."

11/11 - Mine modifications to include processing

Unity Mining Limited Managing Director and CEO Andrew McIlwain announced yesterday that the next steps in advancing the development of its $250 million Dargues Gold Mine at Majors Creek, including the final processing of the ore right through to gold bars. 

The company held an Information session at Major Creek last night to explain the developments to the community.

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