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June 2014

23/06 - Community representatives air opposition to Unity Mining nod.

Community representatives say they will be asking the Bendigo council to speak to Victoria's mining minister about a mining company's plans to reopen its site in the city.

Unity Mining has been told it has approval to truck ore from its mine near Canberra to be processed at its plant in Kangaroo Flat.

Mary Markey from the mine's Environment Review Committee says the regulators should not have given their approval.

20/06 - Unity Mining still considering ore processing options

A mining company says it is still weighing up its options about where to process materials from a proposed mine in New South Wales, despite receiving regulatory approval to do it in Bendigo.

Government authorities have given Unity Mining the green light to use its Kangaroo Flat plant to process ore it hopes to mine at Dargues, near Canberra.

Gold production at Kangaroo Flat ceased in 2011, while development at Dargues has been on hold since last year.

18/06 - Unity Mining allowed to use Bendigo plant to process ore

Government regulators have advised a mining company it does have permission to use its Bendigo plant to process ore it hopes to mine near Canberra.

Residents have been calling for Unity Mining to rehabilitate its land in Bendigo and were unhappy when last year the company flagged plans to reopen its Kangaroo Flat plant.

Unity said it was considering trucking materials it hopes to mine near Canberra to be processed in Bendigo.

Regulators have now indicated the plans can proceed under the company's existing approvals.

17/06 - Resignation of Director

The Board of Directors of Unity Mining Limited announces that after nearly seven
years’ of service, Mr David Ransom has advised of his decision to resign from the
Board effective 30 June 2014.

Unity Mining Chairman Clive Jones said “The Board recognises that in the current
economic environment there is an imperative to lessen overhead costs and the
recent reduction in director fees is complimented by this reduction in Board

11/06 - ASX Announcement

Notice of change of interest - substantial holder

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