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November 2013

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04/11 - Trial Waste Collection Service Calendar

Download this from the link below

01/11 - Drilling begins at gold mine near Braidwood

Drilling has begun at the Dargues Gold Mine near Majors Creek south of the New South Wales town of Braidwood.

The exploration involves searching for the exact location of gold deposits in the area ahead of a full-scale dig.

According to a quarterly report out from the project's developer, Unity Mining, the project is progressing well despite some weather-related delays to work.

The report also says the company plans to move gold mining equipment from Bendigo to the Dargues Reef mine site.

30/10 - Unity Gate to Gate Fun Run

To celebrate the completion of the access road at the Dargues Gold Mine, Unity Mining held a Gate to Gate Fun Run on Sunday morning.

There was a good turnout with about 100 people including lots of kids and families, and even a couple of dogs in the run.

Braidwood Buses shipped everyone up to the front gate – the runners went first and then the walkers.

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