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August 2010

31/08 - Hartleys Research Report


Dargues Reef on course for gold production

Cortona Resources Limited (ÔÇ£CortonaÔÇØ, ÔÇ£CRCÔÇØ, ÔÇ£CompanyÔÇØ) is progressing
the underground development of its 100%-owned Dargues Reef Gold
Project, located 60km east of Canberra in New South Wales. The Company
is currently undertaking a Definitive Feasibility Study (ÔÇ£DFSÔÇØ), which is on
track for completion in November 2010.

Scoped as commercially robust; DFS near completion

The scoping study for Dargues Reef was based on an assessment of the

23/08 - Dargues Reef DFS on Track for November 2010

ÔÇ£On time and On Budget"


Definitive Feasibility Study for +50,000oz pa gold operation
progressing well and on track for completion in November 2010, on time and on budget

Processing plant design completed with final quotes being collected

Decision to utilise paste-fill to allow full orebody extraction
ÔÇô selection of paste plant completed and paste design and test work underway

Final mine design in progress with several underground mining contractors invited to submit quotations

Bush Sprit Awards

The "Bush Sprit" Awards

Cortona Public Display

Cortona Public Display

Cortona Public Display

Cortona Public Display

Cortona Public Display

12/08 - The EDO is calling for community experiences relating to mining

The EDO is calling for community experiences relating to mining

Are you a landholder confronted with problems caused by mining? The EDO is collating evidence for a discussion paper on problems faced by the community with respect to mining. Although we have plenty of examples from our existing cases and clients, the EDO would like to hear from you if you have experienced problems and haven't spoken with us to date. The issues we are particularly looking for relate to:

* the acquisition process of your property;

Cortona Response To MCCLC_Q2_July10

Mr Bill Waterhouse 
Chairman, Majors Creek Community Liaison Committee 
Majors Creek 
Dear Bill 
We are  in  the process of  finalizing  the Environmental Assessment  (EA), which will be  lodged with  the 
Department  of  Planning  (DoP)  before  the  end  of  July.  DoP  will  then  circulate  the  EA  to  the  vested 
Departments, Agencies and Council for adequacy. If any amendments are required it will come back to 
us┬á to┬ámake┬á the┬ánecessary┬á changes┬ábefore┬á reÔÇÉlodging.┬áAt┬á that┬á stage┬áwe┬áwould┬áanticipate┬á the┬áEA┬ábeing┬á

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