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May 2010

21/05 - Draft Management Plan 2010/11 on exhibition

21 May 2010

Council's draft Management Plan, Budget and Fees and Charges for 2010/11 are now on public exhibition until Thursday, 17 June 2010.

Council welcomes written submissions on the draft plan during the exhibition period. All submissions will be considered by Council prior to formal adoption of the Management Plan on Thursday, 24 June 2010.

Public meetings to discuss the draft plan will be held on Tuesday, 8 June starting at 7.00 pm in the Braidwood Meeting Room (Park Lane); and on Thursday, 10 June starting at 7.00 pm in the Bungendore Meeting Room (10 Majara St).

Araluen Water Quality Sampling Report -2000

The rural community of Araluen, located 56 km northwest of Moruya, is almost totally
dependent on groundwater for their domestic, stock and agricultural needs. The Araluen
Valley groundwater resource, is deemed of highest beneficial use, as it provides drinking
water, water for large scale crop irrigation, plus stock and domestic supplies.

This aquifer system is also ranked as the third most ÔÇ£at riskÔÇØ aquifer in the Sydney South Coast Region, based on both the quantity and quality pressures on the groundwater resource.

19/05 - Multiple High-Grade Gold Lodes in Latest Drill Hole

Cortona Resources would like to inform you of todayÔÇÖs ASX Announcement.

Multiple High-Grade Gold Lodes in Latest Drill Hole

First hole into Dargues Deeps intersects lode, confirms depth potential


┬À Multiple high grade lodes in latest drill hole, including:

8.9m @ 15.2g/t

and 11.3m @ 12.4g/t gold

and 5.3m @ 6.78g/t gold

and 8m @ 7.70g/t gold

┬À Continuity of high grade structures confirmed

┬À First hole into Dargues Deeps intersects lode

Analytical results for water and stream sediment samples from Majors Creek area.1985

Water and stream sediment samples were collected in Majors Creek and Spring Creek.

Tables of analytical results are given without interpretation or conclusions.

** These samples include Dargue's reef mine shaft and 200 Mtrs upstream & 20 Mtrs downstream

Dargues Gold Mine Information

Dargues Gold Mine Information Line: 1800 732 002


Derelict Mine Investigation, Major's Creek, NSW, Sampling & analysis stream waters & sediments - 1999

There is a community perception that mining at Major's Creek may have led to contamination of streams by heavy metals which pose a threat to riverine ecosystems.

The survey described in this report aims to identify chronic metal contamination of stream water and sediments by eroding tailings deposits or other mine waste or workings.


After attending the excellent EDO workshop this afternoon ( congratulations Committee!)I asked one of the presenters about objecting to the mine by debating the ethics of it being necessary and therefore in the "public interest".A search of gold on Wikipedia shows global production exceeding demand, the historical link between using gold reserves as a hedge against extremes of global currency variations (generally man-made I should add)becoming increasingly irrelevant, and the fact that it is estimated that all the gold ever mined is still in circulation makes one question what public inter


o High grade results from shallow RC drilling and deep diamond drilling, including:

┬À 19m @ 9.13g/t gold and 8.34g/t silver

o Deepest intercept to date shows substantial thickening of mineralised lode.

o Further visible gold observed, results pending

o Exploration drilling continues

To read the full announcement, please click the following link;

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