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March 2010

Issue Register

Issues or concerns for the Majors Creek Community Liaison Group.

24/03 - Deep Hole Commences and High Grade Results

Cortona Resources would like to inform you of todayÔÇÖs ASX Announcement.

Dargues Reef Phase 2 Drilling Commences: Underpinned by Further High Grade Results

Deep drilling to test several key targets ahead of resource upgrade


  • Phase 2 drilling campaign commences at Dargues Reef Gold Project in NSW, focusing on ÔÇ£Dargues DeepsÔÇØ zone.
  • Further significant intersections returned from Phase 1 drilling include:

Majors Creek from above

Thanks to Tracey Lamont and Ray Mackenzie for supplying these photo's.

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Wanted to buy


Approval has been granted for a $58 million expansion of the Cowal gold mine located between the towns of West Wyalong and Forbes in the StateÔÇÖs Central West.

Minister for Planning, Tony Kelly, said the project at the Barrick Limited-run mine will support almost 800 jobs throughout the region over the next decade, including up to 370 jobs at the mine itself.

Under the expansion:

  • The operational life of the mine will be extended by two years to the end of 2019;

17/03 - Visible gold highlights 'potential bonanza zone'

17 Mar, 2010 11:59 AM

Recent drilling at Dragues Reef Project has found coarse visible gold highlighting a potential bonanza zone however assay results are still pending.

Further significant drilling intersections include: 12m @ 16.4g/t gold (incl. 3.5m @ 44.0g/t), 5m @ 15.6g/t gold (with 3m @ 0.27% Cu), 3.5m @ 12.7g/t gold (with 0.3% Cu), 11m @ 4.3g/t gold.

17/03 - Majors Creek community has its say about gold mining

The Majors Creek Community Liaison Group was established at a well-attended community meeting on 17 December 2009. Those present agreed that the purpose of the group is for the community in Majors Creek and Cortona Resources, who are looking to develop a gold mine nearby, to move forward collaboratively with the goal of maintaining the standard/quality of life and community spirit present in the area, before the development of the gold ore body.

17/03 - Drilling Strengthens and Extends High-Grade Resource at Dargues Reef

Drilling Strengthens and Extends High-Grade Resource at Dargues Reef

Coarse visible gold highlights potential for bonanza zone

Further significant drilling intersections from Dargues Reef Project, NSW including:

  • 12m @ 16.4g/t gold (incl. 3.5m @ 44.0g/t)
  • 5m @ 15.6g/t gold (with 3m @ 0.27% Cu)
  • 3.5m @ 12.7g/t gold (with 0.3% Cu)
  • 11m @ 4.3g/t gold

Coarse visible gold highlights potential bonanza zone:

assay results pending

15/03 - Exploration floats return as risk appetite increases

THERE is a bit of a buzz developing around Perth-based Cortona and the upside potential of its current drilling program at its Dargues Reef deposit on the historic Majors Creek goldfield, 60 kilometres east of Canberra in NSW.

Based on results to date from the four-drill-rig campaign and more to come, there is a growing expectation that Dargues Reef is going to end up bigger and more longer-lived than Cortona's 12.5¢ share price for a market capitalisation of $21 million might suggest.

13/03 - NSW in the middle of a "gold rush"

Source: Stateline NSW
Published: Friday, March 5, 2010 8:34 AEDT
Expires: Thursday, June 3, 2010 8:34 AEDT

Old NSW mines might be re-opened because of a large increase in gold prices.

QUENTIN DEMPSTER, PRESENTER: Apparently Australia's in the midst of its third great gold rush and NSW is right in the thick of it. Soaring international gold prices have put old mines back in the sights of speculators. Modern mining can create local jobs and encourage infrastructure spending, but at what cost?

08/03 - Supreme Court win means mines must ask

Monday 8 March 2010


Supreme Court win means mines must ask

The NSW FarmersÔÇÖ Association says funding from the Association and the Australian FarmersÔÇÖ Fighting Fund has helped secure a win for the Liverpool Plains farming community in the Supreme Court.

The NSW Supreme Court found that BHP Billiton's licence to explore for coal on the properties of two Liverpool Plains farmers were invalid because the company had not consulted all landholders.

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