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January 2010

27/01 - Local competitors shine at the Braidwood Campdraft

27 Jan, 2010 10:22 AM

The Braidwood Campdraft Club held its first Campdraft since 2006 at the Braidwood Showgrounds on Friday 15th & Saturday 16th January 2010. It had been four years since a Campdraft could be held in Braidwood due to the ongoing drought conditions and the lack of water at the Show Grounds.

The events commenced at 4pm on Friday starting with the Jim Hindmarsh & Co. Encouragement draft where local competitor Rosheen O'Brien with her horse Rocky placed sixth in a field of forty two competitors.

Survey forms

Hi Bec,

Sarah was talking to Judy Knowles (Wallace Gap) and she mentioned that she would like a survey form to fill out. I mentioned that I Thought you had been up that way the other day, anyway if you or Fran could please pass one on to her.



New Invited Guest

Hi All,

Just to let you know that I have added Paul Story to the list, due to his specialist environmental expertise and the fact that he will be able to make a contribution to the group.


Meeting with Peter van der Borgh

Peter, I will talk to you off line about your password.

I suggest Monday 1st Feb for our Meeting.

I suggest Wednesday 10th Feb @ 7pm for the Peter VdB meeting

In regards to the Sub Committee, here is where we are up to.
Brian and Murray both agree to this, Brian and Murray need to talk with each other to discuss a few matter with this.

What needs to happen is that the PA needs to call a meeting to put this to the community.

Meeting with Peter van der Borgh

Bec has been in touch with Peter who has agreed to meet with us, She has suggested the week commencing 8th Feb would be better, as we will have the survey result locked in by then. As Peter mentions below not a Monday or Friday, So can we work out a day that suits the majority of us and then Bec can let Peter know. Any day that week will suite me. Thanks Gordon Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 4:40 PM Subject: MCCLC Hi Rebecca Thanks for the update on the Committee. I propose that the next step is for me to come over and meet with the Committee.

13/01 - New Year's Day Picnic at Majors Creek

The day commenced with a sausage sizzle followed by children's and adults events and generally a time to reminisce and chat.

PA Constitution

Here is the progress association Constitution, I note that on Pg 12 - 2.1 there is a section of Delegations by the committee to a sub-committee.

I have spoken to Brian Mc and he has not objections to us becoming a sub-committee. I will be speaking to Murray later this afternoon and will post more feedback then.

PA Constitution

Nel Struzina Feedback

Nel fedback

09/01 - Prospector cashed up for the daily grind

09 Jan, 2010 10:34 AM

Resources company Cortona is about to begin ''aggressive drilling campaigns'' at its proposed Majors Creek gold mine after raising $10.3million in capital. The money will go towards a broader feasibility study and the planning process for the 280ha Dargues Reef mine site, near Braidwood. The study will take about 10 months and, if it and environmental approvals are successful, the company plans to build a $30 million underground mine that would begin gold production next year.Two drilling rigs are scheduled to arrive on site on Monday.

Approach from Canberra Times re 10.3 million announcement

Hi all.

I was, this afternoon, approached by David McLennan from the Canberra Times asking for our response to Cortona's press release of Friday 8th January 10.
I outlined all the sorts of issues that are being discussed in the village but refrained from suggesting we, as a committee, had an opinion about it. I stated there is a wide diversity of opinion and that our work is to try to amalgamate all those concerns to achieve best outcomes for the village.
I referred the reporter to the website and to the survey for a list of the sorts of things being discussed by the villagers.


Cortona Resources would like to inform you of todayÔÇÖs ASX Announcement.


  • Settlement of $3.6M shortfall completes $10.3M Capital Raising
  • Fully funded for DFS, Planning Approvals and aggressive drilling programs
  • First two drilling rigs arriving at Dargues Reef next week
  • Considerable news flow anticipated
  • 07/01 - Cortona Resources to commence North Monger RC drilling program

    Emerging Australian gold company Cortona Resources (ASX: CRC) is preparing to kick off drilling at North Monger near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia after receiving Departmental Approvals for a planned 2500m RC program.

    The drilling will target both Daisy Milano style mineralisation along the east of the project area, and also the potential western extension of the Wombola Dam Resource.

    Views on Concerns & Benefits to Community Survey Launched

    Views on Concerns & Benefits to Community Survey

    This survey will help the committee to prepare a list of issues which the community would like Cortona and all relevant government authorities to consider as part of the approval processes and feasibility studies which are now occurring.

    The outcome sought is a legally binding document with Cortona that addresses the issues raised by the community.


    Test Story

    This is where a user posted story will go, It can be used for anything that does not need to be in a forum.

    Our community spirit - Alive and thriving

    I just want to extend my thanks to those who organised the Christmas party and the New Years day picnic.

    Firstly - The Christmas party: With the opening of the tennis courts, the event was extra special this year!
    Santa had his work cut-out delivering over 70 gifts. A HUGE indication of the swelling community, and the increased involvement by all who live here.
    For those who didn't attend or weren't able to, it is a lovely community activity, even if you don't have children.
    For those who did, Thankyou for all the yummy side dishes and deserts.

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