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St Stephens Majors Creek

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St Stephens Majors Creek

St Stephens Tower

Over a period of time water has been entering the entrance porch of St Stephens due to water coming from the roof of the tower. Due to the height of the tower and not being able to inspect where the problem laid the water continued to come down the west wall. . The Parish recently obtained the services of a company from Sydney who specialise in church roof repairs who were able to access the problem, inspect the gutters and replace a piece of ridge capping. This has been done and a quote for $4800 has been received for completely rebuilding the gutter around the tower roof. This will include the hire of a cherry picker to gain access to the tower roof. As the Parish is not in the position to fund this, Wardens of St Stephens are endeavouring to raise money to have the roof repaired. When this is done the porch can be painted.

As the church is now over 140 years old several cracks are appearing which means they will have to be attended to before the inside of the church is painted. The inside of the church was last painted in 1982. Several ways of obtaining funds for the interior paint-ing are being explored. Any contribution towards these maintenance items of our lovely old church which has served our community for many years will gratefully be received.

For further information please contact Brian McDonald Rector’s Warden. PO Box 21 Majors Creek 48461157,

The village of Majors Creek is located 16kms south of Braidwood. The foundation stone of St Stephens Church was laid 10th November 1870, completed 1872 and dedicated 6th September 1880.

St Stephens is built of hand cut local stone by noted stonemason Peter Rusconi.

It originally had a shingle roof later being replaced by fibro slates. The Pews are handcut cedar and sassafras and the Altar Rail, Reading Desk are cedar. The Pulpit built by Alexander Hicks was originally in the first St Andrews at Braidwood. Various furnishings and memorials are dedicated to loved ones. The Smith American Reed Organ (1890-1900) is still in use today.

The church is now a popular venue for country weddings and is also used as a venue for the Annual Music at the Creek Festival.

Monthly services are held on the first Sunday of each month at 11-00am (or advised otherwise) and Christmas Day at 7-30am and Easter Sunday 7-30am.



Rectors Warden

Mr Brian McDonald  48461157 

Peoples Wardens

David Avery                48461495
Mrs Marjorie Lemin  48461243

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